Dryer Vent Cleaning Katy Texas

Do you need help Removing Dryer Lint? Have you noticed that your machine is not as effective or as efficient as it used to be? Call Carpet Cleaning Katy if you want to speed up the unit. You have noticed that it takes long to dry laundry and often you have to run an extra cycle while this was not necessary in the past.

Superior Carpet Steam Cleaning

steam carpet cleaning

We are Professional Vent Cleaners that know how to remove the lint that blocks your vent and that can make your dryer a fire hazard. Our cleaning crew will be able to go deep in your hot air vents to extract the lint and introduce air circulation in the machine to cool things a little bit and help the machine dry laundry a whole lot better.

Effective Carpet Stain Cleaners

Carpet Stain Cleaners

We have a Home Dryer Vent Cleaning service that many customers enjoy. Many have told us that we came right on time when they were ready to throw their units to the curb to be taken to the landfill. Instead, we were able to restore their machine to proper working order and to save them a lot of money that they could have spent buying a new one.

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